4rd Annual Creative Connections and Mpls/St Paul Chapter Annual Meeting

Come join us for our Annual Meeting/Creative Connections on October 14th.  This year’s workshop options will be offered in the morning only and are provided by our talented members.  We have a mix of sewing and non-sewing options. Please note that the workshops that require a sewing machine also require a standard sewing kit (small sharp scissors, pins, seam ripper, measuring tape). Some classes will have prepared kits which are provided at no cost to members courtesy of CAB.  Please see photos above for project samples.

The morning sessions will be as follows – choose one 2-hour session or two one-hour sessions:

One-hour sessions 9:30-10:30  (repeated at 10:45 – 11:45)

 A01 (B01): Fabric Beads - taught by CAB member Joanne Scannell.  Fabric jewelry can be a fun way to try making something unexpected, like fabric beads! Learn how to make fabric bead jewelry to embellish with glass/metal beads and make your bead patterns more personal. Kits provided courtesy of CAB. No sewing machine required.

A02 (B02):  - Kitchen Boa -  taught by member Shelly Hildreth.  What is a Kitchen Boa? It's a towel, a potholder, and a fashion statement! These versatile and oh-so-cute towels that you wear around your neck like a boa have so many uses in the kitchen!  This wearable kitchen boa gives you access to not one but two towels. One for wet hands, the other for wiping dry ingredients from your hands. Supplies: Bring sewing machine and the standard sewing kit. Kits with fabric and towels will be provided courtesy of CAB.

A03 (B03):  Scissors Case - taught by CAB member Darlene Hueser.  These fabric scissor holders with three pockets are a great way to store your scissors so that they are all in the same place and their tips are not going blunt from being up against your bits of equipment in a drawer etc. If you go to classes you can make a few to keep your rotary cutter, marking pencils, glue sticks and so on. Supplies: Bring sewing machine, standard sewing kit,two (2) pieces of fabric that will be cut to 8 ¾” x 10 ¼”, one (1) piece of iron on Pellon the same size as your cut fabric piece, and coordinating thread.

Two-hour sessions 9:30-11:45

C01: RFID Wallet - taught by CAB member Mary Anderson.  Most of our credit cards, debit cards, some passports and ID cards, have RFID security chips within them.  These security chips can constantly send data to any device willing to listen.   Learn how to sew a  RFID blocked security wallet and shield your cards from “passive data skimming”. Supplies: Bring sewing machine, standard sewing kit, and a MicroTex 90/14 or 80/12 needle on your sewing machine. Assorted fat quarters, along with other supplies will be provided courtesy of CAB.  If you have a particular fabric you would like to use, you may bring that.  Can be made all with one fabric or with two coordinating fabrics.  

C02: Bias on the Grainline taught by CAB President Lori Clark.  Do you love the look of bias cut clothing?  The way it hugs the curves but still looks great on women of any size?  Have you ever wanted to sew bias cut clothing but are intimidated by all of the bias seams, how they stretch and squirm as you try to get them to match up in a smooth seamline?  There is a way.  A way to make a bias-cut garment with all of the major seamlines sewn on the grain.  In this class, you will be introduced to concepts used in the book Bias Cut Blueprints by Julianne Bramson and Susan Lenahan.  Participants will make a mock-up of a bias tube the designs are based on, learn how necklines and sleeve holes are added and how to use godets to add flare and interest to garments made using this method.  Mock-ups will be made with paper so no sewing machine is needed. Supplies:  Bring paper, tape, scissors, and a ruler and a pen or pencil to learn how to make a bias garment without the struggle of sewing on the bias. No sewing machine required.

C03: Pop up Can Cooler – taught by CAB member Michelle Proulx. Create a 3-inch by 5-inch small container or can cooler with your favorite cotton fabric, provided stabilizer or Insul-Bright and the Fat Quarter Gypsy Pop-Up spring.  Supplies: Bring a sewing machine, standard sewing supplies, one piece of your favorite cotton fabric measuring at least 10” by 12” and coordinating thread. Stabilizer or Insul-Bright and the Fat Quarter Gypsy Pop-Up spring will be provided courtesy of CAB. Limit of 10 students.


9:30-11:45 Open Sewing-Community Sewing Projects in North Hall

None of the classes strike your fancy? If so, come do some community sewing projects at ASG machines set up in the North Hall (or bring your own machine). Spend some sewing time with other ASG members and guests sewing up projects such as cancer caps, ouch pouches or community sewing projects you bring in.

Noon to 12:45 Lunch in North Hall
1:00 - 1:45 Annual Meeting and Elections
2:00 – 2:45 Fabric Swap

9:30 am -10:30 am

Kitchen Boa

Bias on the Grainline

Fabric Beads

Pop up Can Cooler

RFID Wallet

Scissors Case

10:45 am - 11:45 am

Kitchen Boa

Fabric Beads

Scissors Case

Noon -12:45


1:00 pm – 1:45 pm

Annual meeting and elections

2:00 pm – 2:45 pm

Fabric Swap


Looking forward to seeing you there!