Barbie, the iconic fashion doll, made her debut in March 1959.  Ruth Handler, of Mattel Toys, created her so that her daughter (Barbara) would have something besides baby dolls to play with.  She wanted her to dream of becoming whatever she could think of, not just a wife and mother.   And over the years, Barbie has been a myriad of professions – astronaut, scientist, doctor, veterinarian, ballerina, teacher…  She still helps girls to think of what they can aspire to become.  I remember that I had one, but my daughter and granddaughters have many, she’s a doll who has survived many toy fads and is still popular.

We thought this would make a fun theme for this year’s style show Barbie’s Dream Wardrobe.  We know the doll still has no wrinkles, but what if she did have a real 60-year-old body?  What would her wardrobe look like?  Most of us no longer have hourglass figures, but we still like to make clothes that make us feel and look good.  Let’s think about what kind of outfits a real woman would wear and make some of those to model in our style show.  We want to see what great ideas you can come up with.  If you aren’t interested in making clothes, then make an accessory (purse, hat, quilt,…..) your imagination is the only limit. 

Neighborhood Groups

We would like to again ask all the Neighborhood Groups to consider submitting a group basket to the Silent Auction the response from these baskets last year was great.  With a combined basket, everyone who wants to contribute can do so at their own level, the basket ends up being more interesting due to combined ideas, and it is a way to participate in the annual event even if you cannot attend.  Remember, the baskets do not need to be sewing-related – think of what YOU would bid on and build on that idea.  Theme examples: wine, chocolate, gardening, sewing, movie, coffee, games, etc.

Also, don’t forget to ask all the places you patronize about a donation for the silent auction. Donations or Gift certificates from your favorite vendors, it does not need to be sewing related it can be restaurants, nail salons, hair salons, all the places you patronize ask for a donation for the silent auction.

Fashion Show Committee

The fashion show committee is still looking for volunteers.  It takes many for a large event like this to run smoothly.  Please contact Shelly: or 580-819-0768 to help with the planning and/or on the day of the event. We still need help with fashion show: Silent Auction Chair, MC, Table Decorations, Program, Poster, Descriptions, day of show, and Displays if you are willing to help in any of these areas please email:

2019 Style Show President’s Challenge:  Barbie Inspired Recreation

The rules of the challenge are simple.

Items entered in the challenge be based on Garment Inspired by Barbie

Items can be modeled or displayed at the 2019 Style Show.

Winners will be chosen by popular vote the day of the style show.

Prizes will be awarded to one winner for each pants and tops.

President’s Challenge entries must be submitted to or by mail to ASG, 7612 Upper 17th St. N., Oakdale, MN 55128-5543

Please note that to be entered in this challenge, a style show entry form must be completed AND a 2019 President’s Challenge form must be submitted.

NO walk-in entries will be accepted.  See you there!