Mary Mulari's Trunk & Variety Show

with Mary Mulari, Sewing With Nancy’s most frequent guest

February 9th 6-9 p.m.

February 10th 9 a.m.-4 p.m. 

St Frances Cabrini Church
1500 Franklin Ave. S.E.
Minneapolis, MN 55414

Mary Mulari, author and national sewing personality and a Minnesota original has developed a national reputation for her unique, stylish, easy-to-sew accessories, clothing embellishments, as well as her sense of humor. If you
mary_photo.jpgrecognize her name it may be because she has appeared as a guest on 51 programs of PBS television’s Sewing With Nancy and written 28 creative sewing books. She has designed “automatic applique” embroidery cards and publishes her own line of patterns. Her ideas and projects appeal to sewing enthusiasts and quilters of all ability levels. Read her personal note to our ASG Guild below.

The Friday evening event will be Vintage and New Age Aprons, a presentation of old aprons, history, how they were used, and how they inspire new aprons. Wear or bring your own special aprons to show and share.

Saturday’s event, A Day’s Variety Show of Projects & Ideas, includes totes, special memory gifts, sweatshirts, all occasion fabric wraps, and really clever zipper projects. Collect ideas for quick but classy gifts and travel accessories and discover new possibilities for applique and quilting scraps. You’ll see the special projects from her books, patterns, and guest appearances on PBS television’s Sewing with Nancy. The newest topic is "Second Chance T-Shirt Gifts." You'll hear stories from TV taping sessions and the actual samples shown on television. For a great time and lots of new ways to use your sewing machines, don’t miss this program! You'll want to rush home afterwards with your basketful of gift ideas--ready to start sewing!

You will also have the opportunity to try out one of Mary’s great ideas with the hands-on project:  Sew a Possibility Bag. With just a fabric placemat, a zipper, and decorative trim, you can create a clever storage bag for travel or a collection of sewing supplies. This project was featured on Sewing With Nancy when Mary was the guest "seamster” for the "Travel Gear Made Easy" series. You'll learn her EASY zipper sewing technique and how to form a shapely bag from a flat placemat. 

 Here's what to bring along with your sewing machine.

  • Basic sewing supplies:  scissors, pins, seam ripper (just in case...), small ruler
  • Rectangular fabric placemat with fabric on both sides (not vinyl). This could be a quilted placemat.  
  • One 16" or longer zipper (not metal)
  • One yard of decorative ribbon or trim to coordinate with zipper and placemat colors. Width can vary from 1/4" - 5/8". Option:  additional pieces of trim for bag handle.
  • Thread to match/coordinate with ribbon or trim--also fill the bobbin with thread to match or thread color to match the placemat. 

An optional kit will be available for $12.

A personal note from Mary to our ASG Guild-

Hello ASG folks!

Thanks for inviting me to present my programs to you in February! My last visit with your guild was in 2010 and I've been very busy ever since creating lots of new projects and publications. I'll also have tales from my frequent guest appearances on Sewing With Nancy. 

I look forward to bringing my latest ideas and even a brand new book. You'll be the first group to see the book and the projects. What's the topic? You'll have to show up to find out.  On Friday, Feb. 9, I'll be reviewing my Vintage and New Age Aprons. This is women's history and you are encouraged to bring and talk about your special aprons also.

On Saturday I'll present my newest creative sewing ideas, ranging from applique innovations, all occasion fabric wraps, the World's Easiest, Most User-Friendly T-Shirt Quilt, memory gifts, stylish travel gear and the topic that got me into the sewing biz:  sweatshirt makeovers. It's always a Sewing Variety Show when I arrive with my loaded duffel bags.

On Saturday afternoon we'll sew together and make Possibility Bags from placemats. The zipper technique is easy so you don't have to be afraid.       

Sign up now and save your seat on Friday evening and all day Saturday. As they say, it will be SEW much fun.


Mary Mulari